New Orleans holds within itself more than the tales of constant revelry that precedes it. The city reaches far beyond its still remaining decadent reputation. Instead, it seeks to capture its visitors in an air of beauty, hothouse sensuality and multi-faceted culture. Rightfully named the Crescent City, New Orleans sits at the southeastern tip of Louisiana with the Mighty Mississippi running along its southern edge.

Here you are caught up on all sides in sustaining history, memorable tastes and remarkable sounds. The New Orleans airport, Louis Armstrong International Airport is the major hub into New Orleans taking flights in from a multitude of domestic and international cities.


Once there, one can be rest assured in the ease and convenience of attaining transportation. As with all U.S. airports, there are multiple rental car stations to choose from and could be easily booked online. There are also cabs waiting at the airport doors, ever ready to take weed pouch on passengers for any destination. However, with New Orleans cabs, there is a flat rate for airport transportation ranging between $25.00-30.00 for one and an additional $2.00 for each accompanying passenger.

But the most affordable mode of transportation form the airport into New Orleans city proper is the New Orleans Airport Shuttle. With a mere $10.00 or $20.00 return, one can book the shuttle in moments after bags are retrieved. With this, the first-time visitor will get their first, unadulterated view of the city while the shuttle takes them through the French Quarter or the Garden District to the multiple passenger destinations.

Here, with a driver well versed in the city, the stash bags passenger will get a valuable and oft times comical introduction. For those who opt out of the rental car option, they needn’t worry about transportation in or around the city. A historical and still operational facet of the New Orleans is the St. Charles Car.

This streetcar begins its route at the corner of Carondelet and Canal Street which is the major intersection at the edge of the French Quarter. Here the car travels along Canal Street to turn unto St. Charles Avenue to travel its entire length through the Garden District. The street car comes along every 15 minutes and after midnight, every hour.

There is also the Riverfront Line which travels along the Mississippi River at the far edge of the Quarter between Esplanade Avenue and the Convention Center in the Central Business District (CBD). This line will save a walk from the CBD into the heart of the French Quarter itself.


In terms of weather, the heat there is all consuming, wrapping one up in air that is tangible and holds significant weight. The quality of the air in the winter months, however, tends to be sharp and biting for the moisture that still sits within it. But at any given time in the year during any visit, be prepared for any uncharacteristic shift in temperatures. After everything is taken in, New Orleans Vacations will leave a memorable impression that few other cities will ever rival.

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