Those who would like to buy a violin for themselves or for their children would be lost in a variety of types available these days. There are original instruments from the 1600s, much cheaper instruments for beginners and even replicas of the Stradivarius violin. Obviously the hand-made violins are more expensive compared to machine made ones. You might need a help of an experienced professional to find out whether the violin is fake or real and to determine the violin prices. Otherwise, if you are inexperienced buyer, you might end up buying cheap instrument for a few thousands of dollars.

If you are inexperienced or moderately-experienced enthusiast, you can take advantage of the information provided below to learn more. The choice of violin’s size will depend on the violinist’s age. There are 8 different sizes that correspond to the age of the student. If your child is 6-years old, choosing a full-size violin will not be appropriate, as the size does not correspond to his age.

If the child is 3 years old or even younger, opt for the smallest possible size, which is 1/32. The child that is 3 or 4 years may play on a intermediate violin with 1/16 size. The size of 1/10 is appropriate for age of 4-5. The best size for 5-6 years old is 1/8, while ¼ is for those that are between 6 and 8 years old. When the child grows up the violin is changed to ½, which is appropriate for the age group of 8-10 years old. The size of ¾ is suitable for children of 10-12 years old, and all people above 12 years old play on an adult-size or full-size violin with a size of 4/4.

You can begin with a low-priced violin for your child to see whether he or she would like to continue playing on this instrument or not. In case, your child finds it fascinating to play a violin and begin to advance, you can upgrade the strings and the bow. You might need a help to upgrade the entire setup. A specialty store may provide you such type of help for a fee. By doing this, you will improve the sound of a violin without spending a lot of money for an expensive violin. Obviously if you have enough money to spend, you can choose expensive one from the very beginning.

The violin prices are determined by their quality. If the quality is moderate, its price will range between 200 and 250 dollars. However, you will be able to find a violin in the price range of 100 and 150 dollars, if it is second-hand.

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