Are you the one in three women in the United States who is in a relationship with a domestic partner where you are being abused?

Being in a gay or lesbian relationship does not give you a pass on domestic abuse. Gays and lesbians are subject to domestic violence at a slightly higher percentage than straight men and women.

If you’re a high school girl in the United States, you have a one in three chance of being abused by your partner.

A gay man will experience domestic violence 40% of the time according to statistics. If you’re a homeless woman, 63% of them report domestic abuse and 92% of homeless women with children report domestic abuse. A lesbian in the United States has a 50% chance of being abused.

These are all high risk categories of victims and they cover a lot of people. If you fall into one of these categories, or are physically or mentally challenged or elderly or from another country, you may be at risk, and high risk at that, of domestic abuse.

It is incumbent upon you to do a couple of things. Developing an escape plan should be at the top of the list. Know where to go to get help and make sure others know of your situation.

If you have not already reported your abuse to the police, do so immediately and get physical evidence of the abuse such as pictures.

Plan with your children a safe room inside the house where you can get help or escape room. The room should have a hard-line telephone if possible, and an outside window or door.

Make sure you get important documents that you may need after you leave and have them in a safe place available for pickup at a moment’s notice. Hide an extra set of car keys and have an extra set up clothes ready for you and your children. Money is always an issue. So if you have the opportunity, get that rainy day fund going.

Learn how to defend yourself with some basic self-defense techniques that can protect you in an emergency and get and learn how to use some self-defense products such as pepper spray or a stun gun that can provide immediate relief in the event of an assault on you. A pepper spray can disable an assailant long enough for you to get away and seek help.

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