1. Avoid the lunch time rush. Never ask a beauty consultant to chat or do your make up between 12 pm and 2:30 pm. That is the time when they are expected to make a quick rush and swift sale from the lunch time shoppers. Hence, as far as possible avoid the lunch time rush.

2. If the consultant has to keep checking on the manual and brochures every now and then – walk away. It is fine for her to check on the fiddly questions, such as allergies to an ingredient. But, she should know her brand backwards. Hence, walk away if you feel that your skin care consultant is not too sure about her job.

3. If all you want is an eye shadow and you are on a budget spree, and do not want it right away be clear about it. Tell her that you just want to have a try and not buy it immediately, or she will waste your time by showing things you are not really interested in. Hence, be clear from the start.

4. It is recommended that you do a small research before you shop. Understand what is going on the world of beauty with the help of your favorite nicole pearl beauty or fashion magazines. Online research can be the best bet. If you have an idea about what your needs are and what you are really looking for, your consultant will not see you as an easy prospect to shift her unnecessary stock. Hence, do a small research.

5. If your consultant has told you about a product to give you a certain look, ask her for a sample. If she is reluctant to give, inform her that you have suffered from skin reactions in the past, and would like to have a sachet to try the product. If she is still hesitant, do not buy it. You wouldn’t want a product that is not straightforward, do you?

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