Kids are very active and running around on a regular basis. The activity is great for their health but it also can put them at risk. A cement floor, slippery tile or brick wall can quickly put an end to the laughter if a child falls or bumps their head into one of these hard surfaces. This is why interlocking EVA foam mats are a great solution to any environment that will have active children. Kids love these mats as they are like a puzzle or jigsaw and often called, Jigsaw Mats and Puzzle Mats.

One of the big dangers of being active at home or near 안전놀이터 concrete (and other hard surfaces) is the risk of falling back and hitting the back of the head. This can lead to a very serious injury.

Because you can piece jigsaw mats together, you can form them to fit almost any location. You can even lay them up against the wall for added protection.

These mats are typical martial art mats for fitness centers and schools like Tae Kwon Do. But they are not limited to creating a safety floor for kids martial arts. You can use them for many other solutions too. Here are just a few:

* I have used them in the park to create a safety maze.

These mats do not have to connect to form a square or rectangle. You can piece them together to make your own design. With an open park, you can be creative. We use them for training games by piecing the jigsaw mats into a puzzle mat maze. The participants are blindfolded and walk on their hands and knees to find the exit.

* Outside other play areas

I put them in a house over tile where kids were slipping after running near a bouncy house. Kids falling back risk hitting their heads so these mats are perfect for placing around other existing play areas, turning your home into a safe playground or a safe play area for your kids.

* Backyard Patio Protection

I put them over concrete in a back yard patio under a swing to protect kids that might fall. Since kids are always running around in the backyard I target key areas that I feel might be a risk. These mats are good outdoors too, so I don’t have to worry about them being damaged. Since the kids like moving them and playing on them, they become one of the best investments for a child play area that serves a variety of uses.

* Kids play room or martial arts flooring

Kids love to jump, roll, punch and kick. If you want a quick solution to turn almost any area into a play room, just get some interlocking puzzle mats and problem and you have an instant location for the kids to practice martial arts or just any area to play.

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