As I was praying one evening the Lord gave me a vision. It was a
revelatory download to me. Jesus in John 14:26 tells us that the Holy
Spirit will teach us all things. He does this primarily through the
written word but also through revelatory encounters with Himself. Let
me say that whatever is spiritually downloaded from the Lord will
always be confirmed by the scriptures and never usurp itself above
them. In Acts 2:17 Peter the apostle says in the last days God will
pour out His spirit and that people will experience dreams, visions
and the release of the prophetic.

On this evening I was sitting in a chair in our living room with my Bible
on my lap. As I was communing with the Lord suddenly my spirit
entered a very beautiful building. It had a large covered entry way. It
had beautiful marble floors with embossed designs in it. Lots of plants
grew there. Some were in containers and others grew in gardens
bordering the walls. Before me were three openings or portals. The
frames of these three portals were ornately carved and overlaid with
something like ivory but pure white. The three openings greeted me
as I arrived in the entry area. There were also beautiful furnishings
there. Lovely chairs, sofas and wall hangings. I only saw one being
there and He was angelic in appearance and was sitting in a chair on
the left. We didn’t communicate at all but his smile was very
welcoming. The atmosphere was vibrant and saturated with God’s
presence. This place brought immediate refreshing. Radiant Glory
flowed through this environment and existed in every created thing
whether living or in substance form. The floor contained this
presence. The columns, the flowers the artwork, absolutely
everything there responded to and contained a measure of this glory.

I knew that the three openings directly in front of me were very
important. I call these openings portals rather than doors because
they didn’t have a door on hinges or a handle. They were open
entrances with arched Gothic style framing. I could easily see into the
realm beyond. I have attempted to portray this scene on the front
cover of this book although that graphic work is not in detail. The
amazing thing about these portals is that each of them has an
intelligent security barrier of energy across the actual opening.
Energy like electrical discharges was arcing across the openings. At
this point in the vision the Holy Spirit was communicating with me .
His voice was very clear and I could hear Him inside of me instructing
me. He told me that these three portals were the entrance into The
King’s Treasury. He assured me that I could go through these portals
and retrieve whatever I needed. Through these portals I could see
chests overflowing with precious gems, gold, and silver. Let me
explain about these specific treasures before going on.

Gold represents purity and the holiness of the Lord. Solomon was
instructed to cover many of the articles of the temple with gold. The
interior walls, beams, doors and decorations were overlaid with pure
gold. See 11 Chronicles 3:1. Many of the temple items were made of
gold. Gold also represents Kingly anointing and presence.
In some meetings today in various places God is manifesting a gold
like substance. It appears at times on people like gold dust or is
released as gold fillings for those needing dental restoration. I have
personally witnessed this supernatural manifestation of His presence
while attending meetings.

Silver represents redemption in the symbolism of the scriptures. It
was silver coins that purchased Jesus into the Hands of those who
would crucify Him. His ultimate death and resurrection purchased our
redemption. Under the Old Covenant the first born son of a Hebrew
would be redeemed by the purchase price of five silver shekels
presented to the priest in the temple. See Leviticus 27:11 and
Numbers 18:15 as references to this redemption truth.

Precious gems and jewels represent all the precious promises of His

word. John the Revelator saw in His heavenly vision the city of God.
Its foundations, its walls and its gates were made of these precious

Other treasures that I saw there in The King’s Treasury were meant
to equip. Others would transform one’s character into His Image.
They would also be imparted to those who came into this wonderful
place so full of His life. The spiritual gifts and attributes of the Holy
Spirit are so abundant that there is no end to them. They are eternal
in their abundance. There is a profuse extravagance there that is vast
and inexhaustible. His anointing and all the provisions of the Kingdom
and for the Kingdom are there. The treasures of this place are set
aside and reserved for the people of God on the earth so they can
fulfill their destiny. There is so much there that it staggers the

As I gazed into this realm the Holy Spirit drew my attention to
inscriptions above each of these three portals. Over each portal is
written words that define them. The first portal on my left in the vision
was called My Word, the second was My Name and the third had
inscribed over it My Power.

Let me explain something fascinating here. This came to me as I
stood before these portals in the vision. When I open the scriptures
on earth in the spiritual realms of God I am actually standing before
this portal called My Word. Request personal prophecy I can gaze into this treasury and I can
also enter it. I can also receive impartation there and bring it back to
earth realm.

This is equally true when you invoke the Name of Jesus Christ in
prayer. In the spirit realm of God you are standing before this portal
called My Name. You can enter for impartation of the things
requested so they can be transferred to earth realm.

The same applies to the portal called My Power that I saw there. It
will usher you into the realms of where all things are possible. I will
explain this one more later on. I need to continue with the vision.

The Holy Spirit could read my thoughts even before I completed them
and was responding to them with the answers. As I came close to the
center door I was unsure if it was safe because of the energy field
arcing up and down the opening. I thought that I would be fried to
charcoal dust that’s how powerful this energy field was. The Holy
Spirit said “these portals are guarded by My Glory so that the enemy
cannot steal away The King’s Treasures. This Glory also prevents the
impurity of man from entering.” In the vision I felt such deep and
wonderful peace up to this point but began to feel a holy dread arising
in me as I stood there before this manifestation of His Glory. The Holy

Spirit however, spoke to me. When He did peace immediately came
over me. He then said “All who have faith can enter through these
portals into the King’s Treasury.” Again His words ministered to me.
He said ” put your hand into the opening and you will see.”
Immediately the energy shield gave way for me to pass through.

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