You may not walk in a tremendous prophetic anointing or have a tremendous prophetic anointing in your life. But when you start to move in a stronger anointing in the prophetic, you start to get words of knowledge and messages for multiple people as you’re walking down the street. Doing what you see the Father doing is the practice of only asking God which person you should give a prophetic word to.

As I’ve walked in this stronger anointing, it’s not beneficial to walk up to everyone that you get a Request prophetic word¬†for or information, Word of Knowledge about. I find that when I am moving in there, and it happens on certain days, that it’s best practice to ask Jesus or the Father who He wants me to approach and the other people, I simply pray that that prophetic word would be activated. The people he says to approach, I approach and I give the prophetic word to.

It’s important when you move in the prophetic to only do what the Lord wants you to do. For instance, if you’re a pastor has got an agreement that you have to run prophetic words past them before you give it to one of their congregation. It’s best that you do that and operate in that protocol. If you start giving prophetic words to people in a congregation where the pastor hasn’t approved of your doing so, you’re not doing properly what God would want you to do.

God’s not in the business of supporting people going around as loose cannons and it’s proper prophetic protocol to only do things in an orderly manner as the Father would have you do them. So, I pray that you can come to realize that as your gift grows that you need to ask the Father who you are to approach and who you’re to share your prophetic word with.

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