Social Media Marketing is all about being participative with your audience and lightly tread into an engagement platform without being intrusive. To make your audience hooked on to your content is not an easy task. While it is an art to make your posts interesting and enjoyable to read, there are a few things you should practice to maximise your efforts in Social Media Marketing. The following are some of the most important ones that you should not miss.

Do Not Be Critical

Be gentle while participating in a conversation with your audience. Never criticize participant’s input even if they are the most stupid comments on earth. In this situation, the response should be “thanks for your valuable comment and let me explain… “. Further, try to become an on page seo expert rephrase what they said or modify it a little and say something meaningful. This also has an advantage: If others see that even the worst commenter on earth was rewarded for participating, the more intelligent ones will definitely get encouraged to participate and contribute to the discussion.

Originality of Content

Be sure not to post the same content by rephrasing it again and again.

1. Successful writers do not re-write existing articles in different words, rather they provide a whole new perspective to an idea with completely fresh content.
2. Try to maintain originality in your posts.
3. Try to make each and every post valuable to readers.
4. Read a lot. There is no shortcut to learning & mastering the art of writing good content other than consuming a lot of the same. Reading will broaden your horizon and will help you to come up with innovative ideas whenever you start writing something.
5. Interesting content: If your contents are able to generate interest in your readers, you ought to have a constant flow of audience traffic towards your site.

Do not Spam/Bacon
Do not ever engage in social spamming. Spamming prepares you to see your Social Media Marketing Campaign die a quick death. Not only you lose your credibility, but all your efforts may not as fruitful. Social spamming isn’t limited to offering irrelevant links on social sites; posting promotional comments (with or without links), Digging or Stumbling posts on popular topics that are in no way related to your site, even sending automated Direct Messages on twitter are considered ‘spammy’ or ‘spamalicious’ practices. Avoid automation of your Social Media efforts: Be thoughtful, generous and spend your time wisely in healthy & constructive participation with an audience.

Review Your Content Before Posting

Use Spell Checker. As simple as that!

Be sure to read your contents at least once for spellings and once for purpose of writing before posting them to make sure it does not contain any careless mistake.

Errors can make your audience lose trust over your content. On the contrary, you can become a good comedian rather than being taken seriously! A new feature by a popular company providing Social Media Management Tool’s takes care of misfired & reputation staking spelling mistakes.You should also make your content easy to understand. Create short, crisp sentences easy to understand.

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