So you have decided to create a home that touches new levels of not just functional exuberance, but only epitomizes beauty and finesse. But have you ever wondered what makes a really beautiful home? While some are sure to put their money on intrinsically warm materials like cashmere and velvet, those in thrall to the cosmic appeal of captivating colors are sure swear by them.

Interior design experts may firmly believe that antique furniture wins brownie points in this calculus. But don’t love and harmony occupy centre stage in a beautiful home, still many may argue?

The jury is yet to be out on this one though.

Your Dream Of A Fabulous Home Realized

A home should really be a reflection of your vibrant personality. the-beautiful-home But it must also be a hub for innovation. If you are finding it hard to get your head around all these intricate details, here are a few hints and tips that will take your home from banal to breathtakingly beautiful:


  • It’s amazing how a veritable mosaic of colors and textures command so much attention. Wicker garden stools, bamboo blinds and an antique mirror definitely help you push the envelope a great deal.
  • Furniture adds both style and class, so make sure you choose your pieces with care. Remember, even something minute as a mahogany coffee table can have an overwhelming impact.
  • You should consider yourself providential if you possess antique furniture. But some very striking custom-built pieces can definitely steal the show.
  • It’s just not about expensive interiors; make sure you develop a knack of arranging things with finesse.
  • A pulsating color palette can definitely play to the gallery. Iridescent blues, pretty pinks, captivating coral and sumptuous yellows, you are never really hamstrung for lack of choices.

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