Just like any new technology, these “fax through email” programs have become popular mainly because they fill a void which needed to be filled. Individuals and companies desperately needed a faxing system which was tied into one of the most revolutionary communication tools we have ever seen: email. They also needed a much more liberated system and email fax gives us a portable faxing system directly tied into our computers and all our mobile devices, such as cell phones and laptops.

It truly connects us to the modern workplace, one which is Click here much more mobile and fluid. Employees are no longer tied down to the old conventional fax machine in the office and perhaps, most important of all, they are no longer limited to regular business hours. In this new modern way of faxing, your company is open for business around the clock, 365 days of the year.

Now to really understand how these “fax through email” programs work, you first have to understand the whole nature of “cloud computing” where your services are out-sourced to a third party. These providers handle all your faxing for you on their servers and charge you a small monthly fee, usually around $8 to $10, for their troubles. You are given a local or toll-free number which you can use like any other fax number.

Once you sign-up, you’re also given an online account or interface where you log in to check and/or send your messages. Your messages are sent as email attachments in a whole variety of formats, but Tiff and Pdf are the most common ones people use. Once you receive a fax, you are sent an email with your message attached. You can read it directly or you can log into your account to read it.

One of the major reasons why online fax has become so popular simply has to do with ease of use. It is as simple and as easy as sending an email and we all know how to do that. Plus, everything can be filed for easy access, all your faxes are at your fingertips, no matter if you received it yesterday or 6 months ago. And because it is connected with email addresses, you can easily control any unwanted junk faxes and you can even block any unwanted messages in the future.

Another reason fax through email has become so popular has to do with the low pricing. There are usually no set-up fees and you don’t even have to buy a fax machine. Since it is paperless, you don’t have the monthly expenses of inks, toners and papers. Most of all, you don’t have the ongoing expense of a dedicated fax phone line since everything is done online.

Overall, online or email faxing is more cost-effective, more efficient and much more easier than other forms of communicating. Plus, it offers around the clock service, which is available on any mobile device as long as your have a web connection. It truly is a much better way to fax.

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