To update from Part 1, this is a brief summary on selecting your keyword phrase. We are going to commence with a brief overview of what was covered in Part1. This will refresh our memories about why we write articles and submit them as content to article directories for promoting and starting a new business online.


Remember we have a definite objective for writing articles. Of course, the entire point of writing an article is to generate interest; you want publishers to publish and readers to read. You want that little article to generate enough interest from the reader that they are compelled to click the link in your resource box. How do you accomplish this? There are a few things to remember, as well as knowing what publishers and readers will look for in your article.

We discussed keywords, phrases, links, hyperlinks and traffic. We will review these then get to submitting articles. The important thing is to understand the goal of an article: Get publishers to post them on their site and distribute them to others. This gives you one-way links back to your web site. Get the read to click the link in your resource box. They can reprint your article on their blog or site and you have another link back to your web site.

The search engines seek out links to your web site and the more relevant links the better ranking for your site. Relevant basically means that you score best when your links are on sites that are comparable to yours in content and purpose. Get those links!


Keywords/phrase must be what you will market to get traffic/visitors to your web site. Your blog, web site, home page and all articles must also include these keywords. Mine is: business making money online and was chosen because there was little competition and would be easy getting plenty of visitors/traffic to allow me to make money.

The less competition the better. You want to stay away from the more common keyword terms, e.g., work at home, home business. These have very competitive levels by large established companies and would be very difficult to achieve first page status on the search engines, and not get the traffic you seek.

You want to use Google Keyword Tool. The idea is to put in keywords to generate a list to choose from. You put in home business or making money online, or whatever your interest may be for this program. This again will generate a list of 50-100 keyword phrases. You want to select phrases that relate to your interest and select a phrase that gets over 1,000 searches per month but less than 10,000 and has less competition.

You can determine the competition by looking in the column that says Advertising Competition and select one that the bar is only 25-50% blue/green. The less color and more white the bar the less competition. These are good choices. These are the keywords you will use to promote your site.

Let us look at my keywords, cloud based intranet for small business making money online. When you put my keyword phrase in the Google AdWords Keyword Tool you will find that it generates only 6,600 searches per month and the competition level is only about 33%. These are the range of numbers you seek for your site and promotion. There are only one or two others on that list that are within acceptable ranges, i.e., money earn free and making money programs,

Try other keywords such as work at home and home business to generate other lists. Get the ones you feel match your web site and/or your feelings about your home business and select YOUR keyword phrase. Remember this one is your target keywords, but you need other keywords to go with them so as to develop secondary search clicks as well. You’ll get into that at a later time.

You don’t want them too low because you will be sharing these visitors with other searches. But the higher click counts tend to very competitive and thus more difficult to get the share you need for being successful starting a new business online.

We are now continuing to Part 2: Writing an article.

Now that you have the keyword phrase you are going to use to promote your site, we are prepared to discuss writing the articles to attract readers and build backlinks to your web site which is the objective of the article writing promotion.

While doing an outline of your article you must keep in mind that you must insert the keyword phrase 2-3 times with the hyperlink to get best results from search engines. Also, the link will take the reader to your web site.

When choosing your articles be sure to select topics you enjoy or those who wish to learn from. For example, following your participation in this article writing training, you may want to write about what worked for you and what you needed further work to accomplish. Just as you may experience these obstacles, so will others. They can therefore learn from your experience. Now you become the instructor by simply sharing what you went through.

Now that you have a topic, you are going to do the research for your background information. This should be kept simple. Use the search engines for quick reference. I use Google for everything. You can look-up a topic in seconds and make notes or copy and paste the content using Microsoft Word or Office. This method is quickest. Be certain to start with topics you are comfortable writing about to get familiar with the process. You can tackle more complicated subjects as you get experienced.

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